Monday, April 28, 2014

Job interview outfits can be fun!

I'm going on a visit to the headquarters of one of my favorite online retailers next week and I have to say it's been pretty fun trying to figure out what to wear. Those of you that have been reading my blog since the beginning might remember how tortured I used to be about getting dressed for job interviews, business school events and business life in general. I had this strange notion going into business school that I would be forced to conform to the kind of corporate culture that I'm allergic to. Since then I've realized that is not the case at all!

I should say this is mostly due to the fact that I'm interested in fashion and other creative industries, where wearing a suit is not required. In fact, at many companies, particularly in the tech world, showing up wearing a suit will actually make the WRONG impression. The career website at Amazon actually states "A suit and tie won't impress anyone here." So, yeah, I'm not exactly trying to work on Wall Street. But I think there is definitely a bit more leeway in how people dress in general for job interviews and professional life than there used to be. And that makes me happy!

Anyway, that was the impetus for this post. The photos in the collage above are all from Stockholm Street Style. I think these looks are polished and interesting. They have character, which I find to be the best part of dressing for any occasion. 


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