Monday, February 3, 2014

What was me

Forgive me for the cheesy content of this post, but...

I just got an email from the really nice guy who was our driver when I was on tour in Europe with one of my bands in 2009. He's working on a zine and wanted to check in on what people have been doing with their lives in the five years since we toured together. It was so nice to hear from him, and I'm suddenly flooded with so much nostalgia that I can't even handle it.

It was only four years ago that I stopped being an active musician. Just four tiny years have gone by, but it feels like a lifetime. I used to live/breathe/eat/sleep music. My band mates were my family, our music was my obsession. We spent so many hours rehearsing together in windowless rooms. Drove thousands of miles to shows that sometimes no one came to. I remember Alex sleeping on the roof of the van because it was so warm out. Steve's poorly-timed execution of an inside joke scaring the shit out of Carly on the highway. AJ's threat of air horn revenge in New Orleans. Ladyfest in TJ, and that tarantula near the well. Josh and Josh, Steve and Steve. That girl in Poland. That idiot kid in Arcata.

It's weird. I'm still the same person, but it feels like someone else's life. I'm lucky that it was mine.


(photo above is from a house show in Tijuana. the best times.)