Thursday, November 21, 2013

Why marketing?

Marketing is all about storytelling. It’s where creativity and strategy meet.

To me, a company’s brand is among its most treasured assets. Too often, companies dilute the sanctity of their brand to reach more consumers in search of higher profits. Marketers are the guardians of brand, we are the champions of legacy. I love this element. I love the romance of history, of backstory, of origin. Marketers have the unique opportunity to translate a brand's story to reach everyday people in ways that are meaningful. 

Of course marketing isn’t all about this romance. It’s also about strategy. It's about understanding who the customer is on the most basic level and then reaching that person in a way that is natural to them. It's much easier than it sounds, of course, but I enjoy a challenge.  
One of the reasons I decided to get an MBA is to make an official switch from marketing in the architecture industry to the retail world. Through working on Fancy French Cologne, I found that retail marketing was a space where innovation is truly valued. The architecture industry on the other hand is much more rooted in the old way of doing things, much slower (understandably) to adapt to new forms of reaching clients. Perhaps because the old ways still work. In contrast, retail consumers by nature want to see the novel. They want to be delighted. They dare us to impress them.

I couldn't ask for a more fulfilling challenge.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Business School Attire: Dressed for a Job Interview

Job Interview Outfit

Full disclosure: I'm supposed to be studying statistics and can't seem to find the motivation. Sorry Professor E!

So instead of studying I pulled together an example of something I might wear to a job interview...depending on the company of course. I think this look is somewhat conservative with so many dark colors, but it's still very polished and represents my personal sense of style.

A lot of websites and guidance counselors will tell you not to stand out. Don't wear jewelry, lipstick or color -- that sort of thing. I tend to disagree with all of this advice. I have never lived my life in a way to blend in, and I don't intend to start now! But I understand the sentiment. I think the underlying premise of all that advice is that you shouldn't look like you're going out to da club -- you should look professional.

I think as long as you look polished and appropriate for the type of company, there's no reason to hide your personality! There's absolutely nothing wrong with someone thinking of you as the well-dressed candidate, especially if it sets you apart from the sea of boring suits that are vying for the same position.

What do you guys think of this outfit? Does it come across as professional to you? Does the lack of blazer make you think it's too casual? I'm still struggling with the whole blazer thing...


PS click on the photo to see the origin of the items in the collage