Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ready for Spring Fashion with Zara

I just took a peek at the latest lookbooks for Zara's Spring collections and I'm SO ready. I'm especially excited to reintroduce lighter colors and fabrics into my business school wardrobe. A lot of the looks The thought of bike riding through Davis with bare legs and a warm breeze sounds like heaven, although I haven't minded the winter here.

In any case, I've recently found myself really liking the idea of all-white for the first time in my life...we'll see. 

Any spring trends or activities you guys are looking forward to?

Check out the full lookbooks here.



  1. One trend that I never thought I would be into it's camo - I know it's not original but this season Valentino has awesome accessories and studded sneakers (and even flip flops) in camo mixed with pink and yellow.

    Other trend are "elastic ankle" pants - not sure if they have a name! LOL! They look so cool, maybe too 80s but love the tapered look.

    These two trends should be totally accessible in case you don't wan to go high fashion designer.

    Loved your post!

    1. hi pavel, thanks for sharing your favorite trends!

      i saw the camo sneakers on instagram today -- are a bit #normcore for my taste (as a woman) but really cute for guys! i have always had a soft spot in my heart for camo -- it would look great on you, pavel! :)