Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Business School Attire: Scholastic Style

Have I mentioned yet how much I have been enjoying the weather in Davis? I hate to harp on such a trivial topic, but the freedom I've felt from the death-grip of black tights has been tremendous! I think you have to live in San Francisco to truly appreciate why it's such a big deal, but let's just say there's nothing like wearing a dress bare-legged from morning to night when you're used to covering 90% of your skin in layers of warm clothes from November-August. I was even bare-legged on Saturday when it rained! FREEDOM, I SAY!!

Above are a few street style photos from around the web that I really like as transitional summer-to-fall outfits. I'm not sure what the business school dress code will be like, but I'd copy each of these looks if I had time to actually go shopping :) For now, I am stuck browsing all the pretty things online. Be sure to check out my Back to School board on Pinterest to see these shots and more!


PS school starts so soon! I'm so excited...I'm so...scared...
PPS anyone? anyone? :)

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  1. Hahaha Jessie Spano! I totally dig the stripy skirt.